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Metamorphosis - Birth Bundle

Alisha Bourke

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Metamorphosis - Birth Bundle
Metamorphosis - Birth Bundle
Metamorphosis - Birth Bundle

1 x Metamorphosis Candle (RRP $44.95)

Intention Candle for Labour & Birth.

Lovingly handcrafted & lightly scented with jasmine & vanilla.

This intention candle is designed for the birthing mama to connect to herself, her baby as they navigate their beautiful birthing journey and all the women who have birthed before her. 

It is enhanced with powerful healing crystals of:

Amethyst for trust, clarity & intuition.

Carnelian for sacral chakra connection, energy & vitality.

Rainbow Moonstone for strength, protection & feminine power.

Crystals are surrounded by dried Chamomile for emotional calm.

Within each package is a special intention written to enhance your labour and birthing experience. When lighting your candle take a few deep breaths, centre yourself and either read the intention out loud or to yourself. Really feel into every word and remember what a true blessing it is to be so close to meeting your beautiful baby.  

This candle can also be used in the lead up to birth, to help with setting intentions for how your birth will unfold, especially if you are birthing within the hospital and unable to light candles. 

Frosted candle tumbler measuring 10cm x 9cm, approx weight 740-780gms.

1 x Metamorphosis Mist (RRP $24.95)

Lovingly handmade with essential oils of bergamot, lavender, clary sage, nutmeg, geranium, rose and neroli. In a base carrier of rose hydrosol, purified H20, grapeseed extract and brandy.

Enhanced with flower essences of boab and dog rose for space holding, courage, deep inner healing and transformation. Along with smokey quartz crystal chips for grounding, connection to mother earth and positivity.

Shake bottle well before use. Spray mist lightly over your body or use as an energy clearing and room balancing spray. 100mls


1 x Metamorphosis Massage Bliss (RRP $22.95)

Lovingly handcrafted with organic red raspberry leaf, lavender & comfrey. Infused in coconut and apricot kernel oils, shea butter, local beeswax, geranium, clary sage and frankincense essential oils.

This balm is an amazing accompaniemtn during labour. Perfect for your birth partner to gently massafe your beautiful belly, back and accupressure points. It can help to ease tnesion and provide comfot during surges. 

Not recommended to use before labour begins. 135gms

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