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Welcome. Thank you for being here!

I am Alisha Bourke; Mama, Author, Birth Nerd and Enthusiast of Life. 

For most of my adult life I've dreamt of being a published author, however writing a 'Children's Book' is not what I thought my first published work would be. It is amazing the direction that life takes you in and the things we create when we surrender to synchronicity, purpose and passion.

"Welcome Home" was written days after the birth of our fifth child in mere minutes. Whilst it is a story I am the author of its important to recognize that these words flowed through me and are not of me. A higher power was definitely at play that day. It is based on the birth of our daughter but it is a tool for you and your family to discuss the normality and variables of birth. 

In preparation for our Home Birth we invited our children to learn about birth, we invited them into our space and empowered them in their ability to see birth for what it truly is. No fear based stories or judgement. Facts, stories, videos. This book came about because after Lyla was born, our son who was two at the time, kept saying, "Lyla came out in the water and Lyla hurt mummy". After many lengthy discussions we came to realise that we had not prepared enough for the blood involved in birth and how blood to a toddler, equals pain. 

I know that Home Birth is a choice and one we made whole-heartedly knowing it was the right choice for our family. Just as with any birth there was a lot of preparation, mentally and physically and it was not without it's challenges.

I feel so grateful to have shared this experience with my children, as to this day it is one of their most favourite memories. I will always remember as I held my newly birthed baby in my arms the overwhelming emotion that came from our two eldest girls as they whispered, "Thank you for having a home birth, thank you for having a midwife. That was the best ever" as tears streamed down their faces. 

It is my intention that this book will help you to discuss the many facets of natural birth with children. To prepare them for birth, whether they are to be in attendance or not. If we can change the narrative around birth from an early age we can change the way our children take that into their futures. We help to create a new normal. What a gift to be able to positively impact birth in such a profound way.