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Welcoming Lyla Rose

Alisha Bourke

It’s hard to fathom that today marks one month till she turns two. Almost two whole years of loving this beautiful embodiment of perfection.

Her birth, the most beautiful in its own right, but it was also the hardest of all of my children. Days before she was born I had a huge falling out and she has been my only ‘overdue’ baby. It was harder mentally than it was physically, trying to find strength when I felt like I couldn’t breathe, was hurting and heartbroken. Lyla’s Birth was special, but I never felt a part of it. My body took over because my baby needed to be born. Hayley, thank you for capturing all the moments that I could later look back on. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of being able to rediscover the moment she was born. I will be forever grateful!

In hindsight, it was not my birth but our birth. My family’s rebirth. Lyla’s opportunity to be born into the environment she wanted to be born into. She chose that moment for our children, to share something so truly special with them all. A time and place for her to be surrounded by love and her nearest and dearest, setting the foundation for what their relationship will look like moving into the future.

I’m a huge believer in everything happening for a reason. All the events that occurred leading up to her birth, I’m sure now were the stepping stones to create the ideal environment and circle of support. I doubt that this book would be here at all if our birth had gone in a different direction.

The one true lasting memory I have from Lyla’s birth is moments after she was born. My two eldest girls stood crying over my shoulder and whispered, 'thank you for having a home birth and thank you for having a midwife. That was the best ever." It was at that moment I realised it was perfect, perfect for them and perfect for Lyla. The greatest gift I could have ever given any of my children was the gift of knowing what their bodies are capable of, the gift of witnessing a miracle, the gift of inclusion for one of life’s most precious moments.




* Just like she chose her own name, and who was to be in attendance at her birth, she also chose this song for her grand entrance into the world. A song that was not even on my birth playlist. Every time we now hear it, we all get teary singing Lyla’s song and it couldn’t be any more perfect. 'A Thousand Years' - Christina Perri 




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